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029: Brad Wilcox Pt. 2


Brad Wilcox is a professor of education at Brigham Young University and author of several books as well as a popular speaker in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chile.

Along with being a professor of education at Brigham Young University, he also has been a member of the general board of the Sunday School of the LDS Church. From 2003-2006 Wilcox was president of the Santiago Chile East Mission. He has also served as a bishop. In 2007 he was called as a counselor in the presidency of the BYU 4th stake.

Wilcox and his wife Deborah G. Gunnell “Debi” Wilcox, are the parents of 4 children. Debi is a registered nurse who served a mission in Guatemala before she married Brad.

Among books by Wilcox are The Continuous Atonement, Raising Ourselves to the Bar, The Continuous Conversion

Wilcox has often been a speaker at such Church Educational System programs as Especially for Youth and also at BYU Education Week and the BYU Women’s Conference. He may be most known for his talk “His Grace is Suffcient”



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  1. I must have listened to this podcast about two years ago doing a search specifically for Brad, not realizing the whole host of other pod-casts that were available.

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