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075: Patriarchal Blessing: My struggle in Church Dynamics

pb1 This episode is personal. I had been wondering for some time if this story should be shared or not but felt their are principles in my experience that might help each of us better handle the conflict that comes between those whose faith is complex and nuanced and those whose faith is more simplified. Both sides think the other is off base and yet perhaps if we are humble there is something to be learned. I would really love feedback on this episode and hope you might email me at [email protected]


3 thoughts on “075: Patriarchal Blessing: My struggle in Church Dynamics”

  1. Thank you so much for your message on patriarchal blessings. I, too, have had similar questions. I have three thoughts to share…

    1) I’ve heard that husbands’ and wives’ blessings will often complement each other. I’m not sure how true that is, but is is something to think about.

    2) My three siblings had an interesting experience. They all received their blessings from the same person within close proximity of time. I received mine years later from a different Patriarch. The Patriarch from whom they received their blessings had an affair and was ex-communicated. My siblings were given the opportunity to have their blessings re-given but were also told it wasn’t necessary. Two of my siblings decided to have their’s re-given. Interestingly, their blessings were extremely similar to their original blessings, and both new blessings touched on all the same topics as their first blessings.

    3) Parts of my blessing seem so hum-drum and touch on some very basic topics. It wasn’t until many years later that, like you, I saw the “wording” that made sense only for me in later years, and things came together.

    I’ve found that many of my struggles are resolved many, many years later as I choose to be patient through my wrestlings… Waiting for the tree to bring forth fruit. Then, and only then, do the pieces tumble into a straight line and I am able to proceed again.

  2. Heidi, Thank you so much. I always appreciate feedback from listeners…. it means the world to me. I agree with you that spouses would be similar and while I still have frustrations, I also see the inspiration in it as well.
    Bill Reel

  3. That part where you says listeners definitely sounds unique.

    I honestly walked into receiving my patriarchal blessing not expecting much and leaving very much impressed. Impressed because the man who gave it to me didn’t seem very eloquent with words, but when he pronounced the blessing he very much seemed so… When I received my blessing I thought he left out parts that he had pronounced, so when I read it I often conjure the mental images of the things he left out and consider it personal revelation. There is a lot more I could say about this… but that would be just me rambling on.

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