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079: My current views on SSA and homosexuality

Same_sex_attraction_website   This episode is my trying to verbalize my views on SSA and homosexual behavior.


4 thoughts on “079: My current views on SSA and homosexuality”

  1. I found the proclamation on the family to be a great resource for me to understand that homosexual behavior goes against the great plan of happiness and is a tool that Satan uses to halt progression. This doctrine is one that will never change. I struggle to find a reason for why someone would think this doctrine would ever change.

  2. As you hopefully picked up on, I do not challenge current policy or Doctrine, but I do hold out hope for more inclusiveness. I also don’t see the proclamation as revelation and the Brethren apparently do not either as they rejected Pres. Packer calling it that when it first came out. So While I appreciate the document I do not see it as the end of the conversation

  3. I’m really trying to see your logic. What you’re saying is you want the sin of fornication to be more accepted (holding out hope someday) so we can be more inclusive and cast a bigger net?. I just don’t see it ever happening. ..knowing what we know in the temple. Also….I need to understand how or why the proclamation on the family isn’t doctrine. Really?

  4. My logic is that I am very aware that prophets are fallible. They make mistakes. They sometimes over reach or misunderstand. Take the the beliefs that were once Doctrine and now are just disavowed race theories. Take Elder Uchtdorf saying that “leaders have made mistakes”, “some which may have violated our Doctrines”.

    With that said, I simply look at the “gay” issue and realize that we need to find ways not to lose those who feel no other option than to leave their faith because being gay and mormon is harder than almost anything one could be challenged to deal with.

    I do not know absolutely whether the Church’s policy and how they interpret the Doctrine is exactly as God would want it but I also am not certain they are wrong, so in the meantime I support the current policies and current Doctrinal interpretation. But I personally will not push people out but rather find as much room as I can within the Doctrine and policy to include them (LGBT people)

    In regards to the proclamation – & It is clear that at first thought Elder Packer wanted to term the proclamation as revelation but for one reason or another chose to remove that attribution and change to a “guide”. A guide has flexibility and exceptions to the rule. Big difference from a hard and fast line in the sand. Also not knowing your stances or views I should add
    – I don’t believe all scripture is from God
    – I don’t believe all scriptural stories are literal
    – I don’t believe in blind obedience
    – I do have a testimony of the restored gospel though I would call my testimony faith based and not a perfect knowing based.

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