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087: Vickey Pahnke Taylor: Goodness Matters

goodness2Vickey is a songwriter/producer, vocalist, and professional speaker, who has spoken for more than two decades Church Education Systems, including BYU Education Week and Best of Especially for Youth.  She is a Billboard award winning songwriter, with hundreds of songs to her credit.  Her compositions include the theme songs for the Special Olympics program (state by state selection), the Make A Wish Foundation,  and the Especially For Youth program of the Church.

Her collaborative projects for the LDS market include “Women at the Well” with Kenneth Cope and “My Beloved Christ” with Randy Kartchner. Vickey has contributed to numerous EFY albums over the years and is a prolific writer of columns and books. Her latest CD is “He Restoreth My Soul: Hymns of Hope & Peace”.  She has a Masters degree in Interpersonal Communications.

Vickey’s experiences include venues from participation with a nationally touring Repertory Theater Company to Symphony Halls to corporate conventions throughout the U.S. She spent several years teaching Positive Choice programs for public school systems throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Vickey and her husband Dean are the parents of eight children. They love hanging out with their children and grandchildren, and serving in their ward and stake callings. Contact Vickey directly at [email protected]


1 thought on “087: Vickey Pahnke Taylor: Goodness Matters”

  1. I agree that God is using many people to bring us home and many are not LDS. Also love the Goodness Matters concept. We should be engaged in doing good without expecting anything in return.

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