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100: Stage 4 Mormons: Episode 1

Today we have a special episode featuring a new program “Stage 4 Mormons”  Ryan is our host.  He talks with us about that transitional and sometimes difficult period of shifting from simple thinking to a more nuanced and complex way of thinking.  Please send me feedback on this episode as we would enjoy hearing your thoughts.   Please feel free to comment to this post as well where Ryan can join in an share added thoughts.  Thank You!


12 thoughts on “100: Stage 4 Mormons: Episode 1”

  1. I think this is what I need right now.

    It feels like not a long while ago that I felt I shed 75% of my adolescence problems, only now to have to wrestle with these stage four feelings. In particular your definition on an independent thinker and how you related what stage four people think of stage three people hit the core of what is going on with me. Frustration and the search to go outside other’s validation.

    Looking forward to this series.

    As for other feedback, this there a way to make talking into the mic sound smoother?

    1. Katherine, we are working on that. I hate to ask new contributors to rush out and spend a lot of money on equipment till they are sure they enjoy and want to continue. Kkatherine are you speaking only of this episode is do you feel my recording also is not as clear as you would like?

      1. I’m speaking only of this episode. Your recordings have increased in quality since you’ve started doing them.

        I’m never done recording myself so I really don’t have a clue about all the costs.

        Glad Ryan is joining!

  2. Well done, a practical and thought provoking episode. I look forward to more like this; as they are a great tool for me to help train my stake presidency and the bishops within my stake.
    Thank you

  3. Fantastic episode. Great job, Ryan! Thank you Bill for this deeper discussion into Fowler’s stages of faith. Ryan presented the material with everyday examples that really helped me to better understand the stages.

  4. A wonderful outline of Fowler’s Stages of Faith. I shared this with my friends on Facebook. Definitely good material for an introduction.

  5. I only started reading the first few pages of Fowler’s stages of faith, but I really like this synopsis. I think this is a level that I can share with others. I want to not only hear the follow up podcasts from Ryan, but finish reading the book.

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