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102: David Bokovoy: Historical Jesus

HistoricalJesusBokovoyWe sit down again with David Bokovoy to discuss the Historical Jesus.  We discuss what we can gather from the culture and from existing fragments and documents.  We discuss the Q-source, Gospel of Thomas, and other nonbiblical sources such as Josephus and Tacitus.  We also explain the time line the four gospels were written in and place them alongside other gospel sources chronologically.  Is there room for faith? ……  we discuss that too!

Dr. David Bokovoy holds a PhD in Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East from Brandeis University. In addition to his work in Mormon studies, David has published articles in the Journal of Biblical Literature and Vetus Testamentum. His dissertation is entitled “Yahweh as a Sexual Deity in J’s Prehistory.” A former LDS Chaplain at Harvard University, Dr. Bokovoy has taught for many years in the Church’s Seminaries and Institute program. He is the father of four children and is married to the former Carolyn Bird.

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