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108: Russell McConkie: Genesis Evolution

Genesis Evolution

RussellMcConkieToday Guest Host Jon Young sits down with LDS author Russell McConkie and discuss his book “Genesis Evolution.  Do science and religion really have to be at odds with each other? Are they compatible? Does there really need to be a debate about evolution vs. God?   What if Moses actually understood the science behind the earth’s history, and the language of God in the Bible actually tells the same story as any geology textbook?
Genesis Evolution makes that case. The geological history of the earth is told in a way that any scientist would agree, and is placed side-by-side with the first chapter of Genesis. Told in a manner that you don’t have to be a scientist to understand, you’ll be able to see how the pieces of science and religion fit nicely together.

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5 thoughts on “108: Russell McConkie: Genesis Evolution”

  1. Interesting episode. I personally reject young earth creationism because I don’t believe that God would put so much evidence pointing toward an old earth to try to trick us. There are so many other tests of faith in this life, why create abundant geological, DNA, and other things that he knew we would find that would seemingly contradict the biblical/pogp/temple narrative? To me, the only reasonable explanation is that we are to take the story of the creation from the scriptures and the temple figuratively.

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