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117: Armand Mauss: Shifting Borders


Today I sit down with Armand Mauss.  Brother Mauss is a well known renown Mormon scholar, author, intellectual within our faith.  He has written many articles.  Today we talk about how to separate the gospel from the Church, the humanness of  the Church, how to delve into tough issues without criticizing leaders, and about his book

His book – “Shifting Borders and a Tattered Passport
Intellectual Journeys of a Mormon Academic”



2 thoughts on “117: Armand Mauss: Shifting Borders”

  1. Hi Armand–from another Californian who “shifted borders” to Utah. Got a puzzle for you that no one else can answer. I wrote the Church Museum: “In The Salt Lake Temple: A Monument to a People, 1893-1993, on page 123 there is a photo of the Celestial Room looking southeast toward Sealing Rooms 1 and 2, as well as the Holy of Holies, and at the steps to each are pots and jars. Having served in the Salt Lake Temple for 23 years, I wondered if any of those pots and jars have been retained and if they inscribed with “Holiness to the Lord “ (Zechariah 14:20-21)? The photo is about 1915 and the number of people using the room after sessions has increased greatly (especially with 80-100 marriages on the Saturdays just before Christmas). Naturally, with the increased traffic, the pots and jars were removed, but I wondered if some are displayed in the Church History Museum? The answer from the Museum: “I discussed your question with staff in our Historic Sites and Museum divisions. A few of these larger jars are still in the temple, though no longer in the Celestial room. The smaller pots no longer exist inside the temple nor in the museum collection. None of these are on display in the Church History Museum.” What happened to them? Who knows?
    It was nice to work with Gordon there, & one day to see Peggy again in the Celestial Room. You look very distinguished nowadays. Remember our mutual friend Tom O’Dea? We’re now in the Octogenarian’s Club 🙂 Ron Banks

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