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Post: Year End Podcast Update

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Well we are at the end of 2014 and I wanted to give you an update of what is coming and how we did.  In this episode we hit on the following

– Las Vegas Support Group meeting with me in attendance on Saturday February 21 2015.  Email me for details – reelmormon AT Gmail DOT Com

– My planning to attend Salt Lake City late in the month of June and what we need to put that together

– New Mormon Discussion Book Store to both support you and support the podcast

– Future Book Club starting with “”Faith Shifts”” by Kathy Escobar.  The plan is for all of us to read along and cover this book chapter by chapter with panel discussions made of the listeners and myself

– Survey results from recent survey

** -A Thank you to each of you for listening, supporting, donating, giving feedback, and for simply hanging in there and trying to “lead with Faith”


P.S. If you want to be included in the “Lead With Faith” guides on the website or want to start a support Group- email me!!!!



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