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154: Apocalypse Of Adam

nag-hammadiWhy do I believe you ask? What keeps me in when I am aware of so many issues? Well besides my deep faith in the Savior and deep love and testimony of his gospel, I also have many other items in my bucket of faith. Today We talk about one of those. Today we talk about the Nag Hammadi texts and specifically the “Apocalypse of Adam” We discuss the abundance of parallels and coincidences and why I am compelled by them to view them as evidence in my faith bucket.

Nag Hammadi Library

“Apocalypse of Adam”


2 thoughts on “154: Apocalypse Of Adam”

  1. Thank you for this episode, Bill! I’ve started studying the Dead Sea Scrolls, and perhaps I should give some more attention to Nag Hammadi after listening to this.

    By the way, last time I checked Stephen Robinson was alive and well, though he retired in 2012 from teaching at BYU.

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