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151: Come Join Our St George Support Group

Support Group







Today is a short episode (12 minutes to be exact), but has some important information.

1.) We are starting a “Lead with Faith” support group in Southern Utah. We already have some interest expressed and I am very excited to get this off the ground and be a part of this in my new home area (I now live in Southern Utah if you have’t heard).  EMAIL me if you live near by and are interested. – We also discuss that other mentors and support groups may be near your home and you can check here—> 

2.) I speak briefly of my new career with Family Pawn and my hope that some of you will stop in and say hi.  call ahead as we have 4 stores but usually I am at our Sunset Blvd in St George  location or our store in Hurricane on the main street going through.

3.) Shared that on future episodes we will be discussing some of the LDS historical artifacts that we have at Family Pawn.  Honestly it really is a mini museum at our Hurricane location.

4.) Notifying you that I will be a Moderator for two panel discussions at Sunstone this year.

Join us for the 2015 SLC Sunstone Symposium!
July 29- August 1, 2015
University of Utah
Olpin Student Union Building
THEME: The Mormon Mind
Ideas, Ideology, Intelligence, Psychology, Belief, and the Brain
More Details Coming Soon!
Registration will open May 15th.

5.) And lasty, we are in deep need of donations or new subscribers.  Please consider donating today.  It means the world to me.

Thank you



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  1. I’d like to lead or assist others in support groups in the Greater Toronto Area – (Toronto Stake – Ontario Canada). I’ll follow up with an email…

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