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174: Turning The Key to You


Today we sit down with 3 incredible Sisters in the Church.  Suzette Smith returns and she brings along Kristy Money  and Fara Sneddon with her.  We sit down and hash out the latest of the Gospel Topic Essays “Joseph Smith’s Teachings about Priesthood, Temple, and Women

We move through each section bringing in historical context and little known experiences within our history while these women also add in their life experience to round out the perspective.  Women being ordained, Women giving blessings, and Women being given a Priesthood Key.  Sit down with me at the feet of some wise souls as we explore this latest essay.




5 thoughts on “174: Turning The Key to You”

  1. i love your podcasts but i don’t like that you never have an opposing voice will you talk about this stuff. i don’t think they should be able to have the priesthood, men and woman have different roles in the church(and life).

      1. An opposing voice on panels provides balance. Women have the power & authority of the priesthood, but are not ordained to as men are. I would prefer women be ordain to different Priestess offices and offer a different but balancing role.

        After all, Jesus did choose 12 male apostles, did he not?

  2. After listening to the podcast, and even before then, I’m all for women to holding priesthood office, but I would prefer that these been different offices than those found under Melchizedek or Aaron.

    Sisters should be able to & do wield priesthood power & authority all they want, for the purpose of blessing & healing, just not performing the some of the sacred saving ordinances.

    Does God want women performing baptisms or conferring the Holy Ghost, etc? Perhaps, but men need the space & time to accept this… till then things won’t change.

    What offices would women hold? Would they be the same? and if it is another? Would they be entitled to perform the same ordinances as Elders or Priests?

    Relief Society for sure should have more autonomy, and Women’s General Conference ought to be slotted under one of the Saturday or Sundays sessions in the same weekend and not under a different one.

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