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184: Robert Kirby: Pancake Sunday


Today I sit down with the Salt Lake Tribunes’s funny man Robert Kirby.  We talk about his life, how he ended up at the Tribune, how he has handled his own faith transition, and lastly we discuss pancakes.   We hit on his humor as a tool and coping mechanism in his life and what his thoughts are on more serious issues.

I hope you enjoy…. oh…. and yeah….. pass the syrup!


2 thoughts on “184: Robert Kirby: Pancake Sunday”

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  2. Cousin Kirby has recently been a source of courage and humor for me too as I have transitioned. His mother and my father are first cousins. I remember the pride he brought to my paternal grandmother in her waning years because her sense of humor was similar to his. I was straight-laced and not listening at the time. It’s funny to watch my close-in relatives react with horror at my new “attitudes,” yet laugh heartily while reading Kirby’s column.

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