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189: A Blog About Love


Today I sit down with Danny and Mara Kofoed.  We talk about how to find your inner peace.  We talk about their faith journeys and how life’s trials taught them important lessons on how to find peace amidst difficulties in life.  They hit on why we sometimes cause ourselves to suffer so needlessly and they hep us to understand how, if we desire, we can let go of much of that angst and begin to find true inner peace.  We also talk about their blog  They also hold retreats to help others find this inner peace along with mentoring.

I want to add a note.  I was made aware of Danny and Mara by two really good friends of mine who attended one their retreats.  These two dear friends have shared with me this has made a world of difference.  Having now spoken to the Kofoed’s at length I can say their effort comes from a place of love and concern and I hope hear them out as our community needs nothing more right now than peace and healing.


2 thoughts on “189: A Blog About Love”

  1. Thank you Mara and Danny for sharing your knowledge about love. I discovered your blog about a year ago and it literally gave me the perspective I needed to avoid a divorce.
    It’s been a year since I found out some troubling things in my marriage and I feel like I’ve gone through the stages of grief this year. Differences in church ideas and a difficult teen are the current threats in my marriage and again, I found this podcast giving me a renewed perspective to reframe these trial. You are both amazing and I want to thank you for feeling inspired to help others. I feel like I’ve learned more from this hour and a half podcast than I have from a years worth of therapy.
    Thanks Bill for your podcasts and perspectives. I am in Saint George as well and I feel your kinship!

  2. Mara, please consider doing some of these talks on your own. You both have so much good information to share. You have a conversational, normal way of connecting to people with this information.

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