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194: Trust in the Dual Power of The Atonement


On Sunday January 24th I will have given a sacrament talk on the subject of the atonement.  I have released an audio rehearsal of that talk the night before giving it.  This is tied and hence repeats much of what is said in the premium episode “Nephi’s Faith Transition” but also covers other ground.  I hope you enjoy and can feel my testimony of Christ come through!  May the Lord warm your shoulders!!!


5 thoughts on “194: Trust in the Dual Power of The Atonement”

  1. Pretty good, how was your speech received?

    I like the Dual Power explanation of the justification and sanctification that the atonement provides as we continually humble ourselves and keep (trying) turning to Christ.

    Jesus seems to be the embodiment of everything that is right, virtuous, and true and that we are commanded to glorify him at the Christ. It would at times seem that even Jesus required his own Atonement in order to become the resurrected glorified Lord.

    Have we exalted Jesus beyond his stature by anointing him as the Christ? Is Christ Jesus, or Jesus the Christ? Or are the two the same thing?

        1. by the way, the talk was well received generally though a little push back in places too! (comments in Sunday School to exert that Nephi was righteous and obedient

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