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201: Robert Reynolds: Unstuck


Today we sit down with LDS author Robert Reynolds.  He has written the book “Unstuck” – How The Savior Frees Us From Our Favorite Sins .  We talk about letting go of trying to “work our way to heaven” and instead focus on reliance on Christ and his grace.  We talk about willingness to be on the path and how to maintain this grace centered connection.

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Deseret News Article on Robert and the book Unstuck



2 thoughts on “201: Robert Reynolds: Unstuck”

  1. I enjoyed the podcast. I was actually one of Robert’s mission companions in South Carolina. It’s fun to hear his voice and know that he is doing so well. Something that I learned several years ago that has been critical for me is the idea of willingness. If you are willing you are worthy. I am no longer a believer in Mormonism so I don’t agree with all of Robert’s ideas but the idea of willingness is something that really resonates with me.

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