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224: Stepping off the Narrow Way


Today I talk a little about Eastern Philosophy and discussion of the Eastern Principle of “The Way”.  We Americanize Jesus and we Mormonize Jesus but we fail to Easternize him and understand him in the context of his culture.  When we do this we better understand what he is asking of us and why a flawed church is necessary.  Today I talk to those who have stepped away from the Church or are considering doing so.  I validate your pain, your tension, your frustration, and your disillusion but simply want to push back a little and ask if this is part of the “Narrow Path” that so few find.


3 thoughts on “224: Stepping off the Narrow Way”

  1. While I get the point you wanted to get across I think was conveyed in way too many words. Too much repetition of the same point… I guess much the way like the Church is.

    But in the end its a stretch to help maintain the notion that the church is true because it comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.

    Perhaps one ought to ask is how does believe the Church’s truth claims affect my life and do I still want to live my life under that paradigm. Should I venture outward to compare or stay true to these ideals? Or perhaps venture outwards maintaining these ideals.

    I hope that moving forward those of us who believe to have found the way (our inner authority with more open mindedness and awareness of the difficult issues) can shape the church in such a way as to create more diversity and spectrum of belief, making a better broader tent church.

    What would you like to see in a Modern version of the LDS church?

  2. I found your ideas very intriguing. Part of me does not want to think that I need the church to provide me with the tension necessary to progress spiritually, but it’s a compelling idea. I particularly liked your dissection of the word “strait” and Matt 7:14. I’m a bit embarrassed to say it, but I always heard “straight” instead of “strait.” Spelling does make a difference! Anyway, I appreciate your ideas and your time in making these podcasts.

  3. Dear Bill,

    Newer listener here. I am going from your older podcasts in an orderly fashion, (so much linear thinking) so I am just now getting to #224.

    I came to this same conclusion a few weeks ago. What Christ asks us to do as a sacrifice is come to him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. How much the Church has broken our hearts by betraying its mission statement!!! When we are totally broken down, then we can be rebuilt in His image.

    Love your podcasts. They have helped me come to this conclusion about the broken hearts.

    The time I have spent listening to you and your guests has been time well spent. Thank you so much Bill Reel.

    Appreciate you and your podcasts.

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