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246: Historical Jesus pt. 2- Gospel of Q


We continue our series of six short episodes on the Historical Jesus.  These are just a prepper for Latter-day Saints as there is enough info in this field to talk for hundreds of hours on dissecting various perspectives on various data.  Today we dive into the Q-gospel which is hypothetical gospel that solves a deep problem in the reconciliation of the Synoptic Gospels.  Below each episode will be a ton of resources to go off and learn more on your own.

Online Documents on the Historical Jesus:

Podcasts on the Historical Jesus:

Books on the Historical Jesus:


3 thoughts on “246: Historical Jesus pt. 2- Gospel of Q”

  1. Nice to see information presented, I understand better what the Q-Source and I had heard of that before as well.

    Confirmation of many things already known and understood, very insightful. Thanks.

  2. This history stuff is getting good. I hope we will be getting into the history of Jesus’ (Issa) missing years and travels, including travels and life even into India after his crucifixion where Mark 8 leaves off. This info seems to support those later travels, teaching and miracles.

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