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For My Wife And Children: Why People Doubt

This letter (I did not author this) was done with Charity and not drawing the conclusion for others but sharing the messiness of Mormonism that compels us to re-evaluate our narrative. I am hoping this will be seen as informative and helping others to bridge conversations and to see why folks lose faith without being seen as advocating for apostasy.

Why People Doubt

2 thoughts on “For My Wife And Children: Why People Doubt”

  1. The letter to my wife and kids is complete plagiarism. At least if your going to make claims that this is the reason you left the church, let them be factual and not lies. I’m so disappointed that being deceptive is the way you choose to lead away so many people. But such is life. Hopefully when people read this letter they choose to actually look up the sources he is using to stake his claim. They either are not really volumes from the journal of disclosure. The statements are taking out of context such as in his blacks with the priesthood cites or they are completely changed quotes, as in the blood atonement section reference from Brigham young. Let’s just get to the real reason you left and not make up such lies alright. And then totally BS it by making it a claim of a letter to your wife and kids ???????? cute. I will lead my children and wife away with lies. Good job dad.

    1. His sources are actually pretty solid. The author of this paper is not on this website. But the sources do actually say the things claimed. In fact pick one and lets discuss it. I get how this data runs counter to the narrative we are taught and that causes us to be defensive. Please pick one specific point you feel is not accurate and lets discuss it. Quote what the author claims is taught and provide the source he provides and lets look into it.

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