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How to set up tithing so your donations are confidential

As many folks pray to God about tithing in the Church and make the decision that tithing for them should be paid on surplus, many of these members worry about the unrighteous judgement of a local leader who sees the surplus tithing as not acceptable.  Today we help you to set up online tithing through bill-pay with your bank so that your tithing numbers remain confidential with local leadership.  There are risks here which we will discuss as well including that Salt Lake will know your paying on surplus and hence your chance of a calling as a Bishop (or female general authority) or higher (callings that require approval from Salt Lake) are slim to none.

Why Surplus has a seat at the table

Salt Lake Trib conversation of tithing

Instructions from modermormonmen

PDF of Instructions




11 thoughts on “How to set up tithing so your donations are confidential”

  1. You can also pay your tithing (or any other donations) totally anonymously through a Donor Advised fund. The easiest way to do this is with You get the tax deduction/receipt when you donate to Just Give then you designate your donation to go directly to the LDS Church (or any other 501(3)c on the list), put “tithing” or “fast offerings” or whatever in the comments, and check the box that you want the donation to be anonymous. The only downside is that JustGive takes 2 or 3 % of the donation for their fee. I just feel that if the church is not transparent with how they spend my donations I don’t need to be transparent with how much I give.

  2. Also, make sure you select the correct non-profit. There are a few impostors on the list. Here is the LDS church’s correct info:

    50 E North Temple St
    Salt Lake City, UT 84150
    Tax ID: 23-7300405

  3. Update: It looks like the fee to donate through is 4.5% and to make it anonymous now you just need to uncheck the boxes that would show your name and email along with the donation. You can also print off a receipt if needed to show the bishop that you have made tithing payments to the church that he doesn’t have records of.

    1. Jack Apostasy Goff

      You’re paying a fee to submit tithing through a third party so your amount of tithing is not known, or anonymous!?!

  4. Ceebee,

    That seems silly… just donate directly to the church. Face the slack if you want to be partial about it. Or I would recommend Bill’s approach.

    Nevertheless, it’s good to know your options.

    I’m not sure how transparent we need to be as a church, but perhaps one day we will be.

    1. Assuming your speaking to the but I like all options being known as when this involves a rogue leader preventing your involvement in the ordinances of your family I struggle to see the silliness in an awareness of all the options.

  5. I’ve been paying my tithing directly to Church Headquarters for about five years.
    When I moved to a new ward, at the end of the year the Bishop approached me at church and was concerned that the ward didn’t have any record of me paying tithing. I think he was afraid that the Ward had lost record of my donations. I told him that I paid directly to the COB. He hasn’t mentioned anything since then. The Ward Clerk gives me a statement that doesn’t include my payments to COB.

    Based on this, I’m confident that my contributions are confidential to local volunteers.

    1. How do you do it? I want to do the same but if I do it online, does the bishopric know the amounts??
      I have an issue because I have relatives in the bishopric and the stake and I don’t want them to know how much I earn and I would prefer to keep that confidential, so how would I go about it?

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