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257: Those Who Doubt – Part 2

We did an episode recently title “Who is the Doubter” where we explored the data about Latter-day Saints who have serious doubts.  We explored where they are finding information, what is their education, Socioeconomic status, level of activity, and their growth.

Today we pick up and share part 2 of some of their stories.  There are around a 100 of these personal accounts.  Today we share four of them of specific individuals who were part of this data including a Mission President.  We tell their story.  Rather then the naive labels applied recently by Meridian Magazine and the recent Deseret News Article  we can see the real reasons dedicated members lose faith.  We can hopefully allow space where rather than us decide the story of another, we let them tell their own story.  When we honor another’s story we allow ourselves to be open to deeper truth.   Join us for this and other episodes where we tell their story.

Personal Accounts of those who have lost faith and have serious doubts

Meridian Magazine’s article “8 Things That Can Pull You Away From the Church” 

Deseret News’ article “Mormons with doubts shouldn’t give up faith….”


4 thoughts on “257: Those Who Doubt – Part 2”

  1. Painful to listen to these stories, and orthodox members will only quip that you are on the path of Apostasy by reciting or even thinking this way.

    Sometimes I think of giving a non-testimony at church service, but somehow find myself not having the guts to express myself.

    My wife would cringe if I ever did and the social cost would be too high for me to express myself in my manner of thinking. Yet I am at peace with my God and myself and nothing can be more satisfying. But it saddens me to think that we don’t stand for truth and loving acceptance.

  2. Hi, Bill. I’ve really enjoyed your blogposts. Really, really enjoyed your series on the historical Christ.
    You mentioned at the end of this blog that you had some ideas on how to include those of us who discount the truth claims of the church but still want to feel like we belong to something that teaches us to serve each other, etc.
    Would you be willing to share those. I’d love to hear them.
    Thanks again for these posts.

  3. The podcast has several stories that you read. Is there a link to these (and more) if I’d like to re-read them?

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