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RESOURCE: Book of Abraham Conundrum Explained Simply

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Unfortunately, most discussions about the history of the Book of Abraham are confusing, filled with words like “papyrus” and “facsimiles” and “fragments” without knowing the whole story. There’s a hazy understanding that we had the papyri but then they were burned at some point in a museum(?), and then parts of it (or all of it?) were found later again somehow. Here’s the thing: Anybody can understand what happened with the Book of Abraham, what has been recovered. You don’t have to be an Egyptologist or a PhD to understand the main issues, and their implications. I promise you. So let’s go over a few quick things to do with its origin, what happened, and what the issues are. A lot of the smaller details of its history have conflicting details – I would love any correction if needed and sources!

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