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266: The “Mormon Primer” Document and “The Struggle is Real” Audio

Recently we have released two published items.  One was an audio program titled “To Our Loved Ones, The struggle is Real” which audibly walks people into the issues so they can have compassion and empathy for those who struggling.   The second is a document titled “Mormon Primer” and it does the same thing.  It walks folks into the messiness of Mormonism hoping to create compassion, empathy, and understanding.  Would you please consider sharing these two items.  My hope is that these will be helpful to you on your journey.  My hope is these will be resources you see as helpful and useful.  LASTLY….  Would you please consider clicking the first URL below and HELPING me by making suggested edits to the Mormon Primer to improve sentence structure and wording and to make it more objective, more fair, and more comprehensive.  Feel free to submit entire new sections and feel free to make only a small edit or two.  Please consider helping today.  Thank you!


Mormon Primer Document where suggested edits can be made

Mormon Primer shareable copy

To Our Loved Ones, The Struggle is Real audio



1 thought on “266: The “Mormon Primer” Document and “The Struggle is Real” Audio”

  1. Bill, you mention downloads a few times in this podcast. When I listen to your podcasts, I never download them; I just push the play button. Are you able to track how many people listen without downloading also? If not, I’m going to start pushing the download button from now on so I can be counted among your frequent listeners.

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