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COMING SOON!!!! An LDS Mental Health Series

Dear MDP listeners,
It’s Wendy Perry, LPC here, getting ready to launch my mental health podcast on Mormon Discussion and I would love your input. If you’ve got a minute or two would you respond to the short survey below. Also, if you see a topic that piques your interest from the list below, would you please let me know? Or if you have other issues you would like to hear discussed, let me know those as well. There is so much to talk about! You can leave feedback in the comment section of this blog or message me on Facebook at Wendy Merrill Perry.

How aware are you of Adjusting to Missionary Life: Resource Handbook

available from the church distribution center?

0-not at all

1-slightly aware

2-fairly aware

3-very aware

How aware are you of mental health resources available on

0-not at all

1-slightly aware

2-fairly aware

3-very aware

The results I’ve received so far are very interesting. We will let you know how this audience scores.

OK, here’s the list of topics I’ve been musing upon. I’m trying to focus on topics that don’t get much coverage on podcasts. Mormon Mental Health Myths, ARE Mormon women more depressed and have more plastic surgery than…?

Self harming behaviors in our youth

Perilous Perfectionism,

Shame and Guilt,

Mormon-alysis, so much to consider in each decision!

Ageism-a huge shift from the past

Trait Biases, (different for women and men, or are they?)

Invincibility Errors, if I keep the commandments…

The Individuality Paradox, (we’re a communal religion, but…)

The Disability Dilemma, (maybe we get a D- here? what do you think?)

The Business Bind,

Cognitive Dissonance,

Faith Transitions,

Authority and leadership

and of course

Depression, anxiety and Addictions, and Sex

I can’t wait to here from you,

Thanks and Happy Trails,


7 thoughts on “COMING SOON!!!! An LDS Mental Health Series”

  1. 1, 0, the signifier versus the signified, as in symbols, parables and not getting lost in metaphor, the peril of taking things literally.

  2. How about sexuality and the single mormon. Or masturbation and unhealthy guilt. Or what LGBT folks should do to be mentally healthy.

  3. The Mormon experience for youth/adults on the autism spectrum. (I would even be willing to participate in such a discussion.)

  4. 1) 0 – Never heard of it, I did great after the mission because I started working and studying.

    2) 0 – You mean there’s something available?

    3) Wow, I look forward to having your input on every topic on that list. Thank you for contributing to Mormon Discussion Podcast. I hope it doesn’t get too saturated. Maybe with the now many contributors posting rate can be once a month between you all. Once a week from all of you will be too much for me to handle.

    Cheers, all you guys warm my heart.

  5. 1) 0

    2) 0

    All of your possible topics would be interesting. A few that especially stand out to me are: Perfectionism, Invincibility Errors, The Individuality Paradox, Cognitive Dissonance, Faith Transitions, and Authority and Leadership.

    I’d also second what Jeremiah mentions in his comment above. In Mormon culture as a whole, and in some ways especially in Utah, unhealthy and even damaging attitudes about modesty, sex and sexuality are too common. Shaming females for “immodest” dress can create various problematic issues for both females and males. Along those lines, the current anti-porn hysteria also seems counterproductive.

  6. Zero on them all. Had no idea they existed.

    I want to hear about the “shame & guilt” topic. I believe that it and continues to be a primary way to enforce conformity, and I don’t understand why, in a church that touts love, it is used at all, even covertly.

    Look forward to the casts.

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