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Walk a Mile In Our Shoes: 001: Meet The Walker’s

Today you get to meet the Walker’s.  A Family in the midst of their own faith journey willing to open up and share their experience.  Today is their first episode.  Today your offered an opportunity to “walk a mile in their shoes”.   They are vulnerable.  They are honest.  And they lay their lives on the table for you and I to gain insight and perspective not only into their faith transition but also into our own.  I introduce to you…. My friends…. The Walkers.


4 thoughts on “Walk a Mile In Our Shoes: 001: Meet The Walker’s”

  1. Thanks to the Walker family for being willing to do this! Knowing what Thornton TC Walker posts on FB, this should be interesting!

  2. Hey wacky wonderful Walkers! I really enjoyed listening to your family discussion. I hope you don’t feel that “wacky” is derogatory. I have come to learn that wacky families are fun. What I hear in your conversation is a family doing what a family should do – pulling together to help each other. I keep hearing “family values” being pounded at the pulpit, but I see the Walker’s version of family values to be the real deal – not a dog whistle for “anti-gay”. Glad your family is willing to put themselves out there and if more families had the courage yours does, we would all realize we are all human and each of us have our less than perfect sides.

    Thanks again!

  3. Listening to this brought tears to my eyes multiple times as it reminded me that life is complicated and unconditional love isn’t a myth. The Walker family is an incredible example and reminder that strong relationships require choosing to love each other even in those moments of real struggle. Regardless of where this faith transition takes your family I have no doubt that you’ll be there side-by-side, full of love, with those awesome kids of yours. Thanks for being open and using your fun and sarcasm to discuss the challenging topic of life and a your family faith transition. Please know you have my love and support.

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