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279: Rabbit Holes and Upcoming Events

The episode starts with sharing upcoming events we are planning then dives into the episode “Rabbit Holes”

Alice was encouraged into the rabbit hole but once she entered there was no turning back.  In Mormonism too there are rabbit holes and they too never end where we expected.  As we look at the question of “What in our narrative has to change?”, it may be easier to ask “What doesn’t have to change?” as we are beginning to sense that so so much of our story is problematic.


To see Events being held check out these links

Event is Southern Utah:

Event in the Las Vegas area:

To hold an event in your area email me at reelmormon AT gmail DOT com

These are so much fun and we will spend a day or two in great conversation and provide such a validating experience for those who are grappling with the messiness!


2 thoughts on “279: Rabbit Holes and Upcoming Events”

  1. Brigham Young started by sometimes suggesting following unquestioningly but did tell us straight out that we are fools who deserve what we get, “follow that leader/prophet to hell,” if we follow blindly, as did Joseph Smith tell us over and over to never follow blindly, as did Christ, over and over, but somehow not valid today? Nephi 8:5-8

    Jump to the Manifesto of 1890 where Wilford Woodruff said “the Lord will never allow His prophet to lead His church astray.” That is when the whirwinds of change started really blowing, when the church began to be led more astray than ever. This was used as justification for the great change from the Manifesto, but now applied to and commanded for every purpose. Bad choice.

    Then JFS started in 1902 by demanding and commanding his and other leaders’ and members’ desires, starting with the Word of Wisdom finally becoming the long awaited commandment for some who hated the ill effect on society and homes, esp of alchohol (very bad move for many reasons).

    All 5 prophets before him warned and thus refused to make it a commandment “lest it become a stumboling bock to the saints,” and has it ever, just the judgment, more smelly than tobacco by far, with force, coercion, shunning, shaming, revoking salvation… Making the WoW into a “commandment” seemed smart and had been pressured by many self-righteous leaders and saints in a 70 year battle (Christ vs SAINT’n). they finally had victory over evil, commanded, FORCED by constraint… D&C 89:2).

    This blinded future saints to the now growing thousands of Don’ts warned of for our day (D&C 89:4) “…thus saith the Lord.” but, never mind Him, we have something better! We have surely evolved to the higher degree, the higher law in our infinite Wisdom and power of the priesthood to command it (D&C 121).

    That now further expanding multitude of refined and synthetic medicines, chemicals and foods are what now take our health away more than the 4 don’ts ever did or could. today we even proudly embrace those warned of chemical doctors and chemical “medicines” and “foods” which early prophets warned of too. Now we wisely even forbid the many very healing uses of the 4-Don’ts and more (D&C 89:7,8), adding to that great robbery of wonderful promises of Wisdom and Health which can’t be coerced (D&C 89:2, 4,18-21).

    Have we become blinded to God’s vast forest of wholesome health and wisdom by 4 strictly commanded sacred trees (IDOLS) which will “damn or even cancel our salvation” if not strictly obeyed and worshiped?

    Full circle, again… as in so many parables and as prophesied so many times.

    I watch people wake up to the many truths Christ admonished us each to seek at all costs. We don’t hear Mononi on that either, or Nephi or Lehi, or… We are commanded to hear leaders first, since only they can lead us to Christ’s truths which they change as they deem wise.

    This leads many who find those truths to veer off in many directions in search of real verifiable truth. This leads some paths to become atheist, some Buddhist or Hindu, some born again Christian, some pick and choose limited Mormon beliefs to stick with. You know, that old “smorgasbord gospel” warned of so often? But, who really smorgasboards more, members or leaders, picking and choosing the words of Christ vs their own wise words to command? D&C 121

    As you pointed out, do we throw baby Jesus out with the stinky, filthy bathwater, which Pharisaical Leaders and Churches have dunked or baptized Him into? Or, clean it up, clean Him off and search and savor the truths which had been polluted? Mormon 8:32-41 and Jacob 5

    1. Thank you for summing it up so coherently.

      I find this to be properly organized and well put and in harmony from the various sources I’ve heard it from. One day… perhaps we will correct things as they ought to be.

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