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297: Wisdom Through Exposure

Today I want to talk about Wisdom.  Wisdom seems to come from exposing ourselves in a vulnerable way to others especially those who are diverse and unique from us.  It is when we look for truth outside of our bubbles that we begin to open ourselves up to real wisdom.  That when we live in small groups or live isolated lives that we are defensive of differences rather than looking for truth.  We talk today about how much wisdom there is in Mormonism and if there is little where else do we look for it.

Bill Reel’s Suggestions of Wise Audio Episodes  – Rob Bell and Richard Rohr Together – Krista Tippet interview Rabbi David Hartman (click unedited)  –  Krista Tippett interview Martin Sheen (click unedited)  –  Radio Lab Episode on Memory – A historical example used to show the nuance of the value of life – One is never to old to change – How our brain deals with contradictory evidence



10 thoughts on “297: Wisdom Through Exposure”

  1. Great podcast Bill. I have had the need to quote BRM’s statement that you used. What is the source reference for that statement please. This particular podcast was very helpful. Thank you.

      1. Thanks BHRod. I NEVER thought I would be using a BRM quote. However, we use what we need to use. I think using a Mark E. Petersen quote is too big of a leap across my line in the sand.

  2. I REALLY liked this podcast. I have found some of the same things that you have. I see SO much wisdom around it is exciting. I am finding more and more that reading the BOM one more time isn’t doing anything like reading Jonathan Haidt or the like. It is just really fascinating.

  3. Thank you Bill. I listened to the Richard Rohr podcast after this one and it answered some of my questions about the rigidity of the church and the institution. When Rob Bell spoke about the most rigid religious leaders come from “broken homes/families/childhoods” the light was there. Not for judgement sake, but the individuals within the LDS culture that are the most rigid use the church as their family and the hold on “white knuckled” to the orthofoxy for their own sake. However, because they are decision makers (not leaders) they make all us suffer and deal with their broken childhood.

    Think of all the broken childhoods that came out of polygamy and hence we have ultra orthodoxy in Joseph F Smith and so many others. Look the the current leadership structure. They are asking members to ask things that they never did and expecting excess religiosity. You would think there would be more understanding and compassion from these situations, but they bear down and force the policy and procedure manual at us. There is no love, no caring in this type of system. Just rules and laws and judging.

    I got much more out of these podcasts than walking inside an LDS chapel. I wish Richard Rohr could be my pastor/adviser.

  4. Thanks Bill.
    You speak my voice very eloquently.
    Hopefully Mormonism will shape up.
    People are waking up to the facts.
    Hopefully there will be a healthier stronger church once it does.

  5. Near the end of this podcast you gloried in the times we live in today. I am encouraged by your words, as they reflect those of Pres Uchtdorf in his April 2017 GC address.

    “I wouldn’t trade living in this time with any other time in the history of the world. We are blessed beyond measure to live in a day of unparalleled prosperity, enlightenment, and advantage.”

    There is a current Microsoft ad that says something like: we live in a time unparalleled in history.

    I must be an optimist. I love this upbeat attitude. And we do live in amazing times with technology at our fingertips that even royalty in the preceding generation couldn’t afford.

    Keep up the good work Bill. Your words are a treasure.

  6. Thank you. I agree it is important to see the wisdom everywhere. During your closing remarks I thought about Eve having her eyes opened and being able to see more good and evil. Is there no other way? Leaving the garden or the box is refreshing. I liken the scriptures of peter getting out of the boat to go to Jesus on the water. He came back to the boat a changed man. Jesus also left the group to go to the mountain and commune which then gave him new direction to continue his mission.
    I am familiar w Rorh. Will check out other links.
    There was a purpose for the garden and a purpose for milk but at some point we have to grow up and find truth everywhere. Today listened to gospel of John during a long drive and several places the Holy Ghost is referred to as the Spirit of Truth. He has sent us the spirit of truth. Amen. Thank you Bill

  7. How can I get the quote you used from Joseph Smith talking about pointing out the contradiction leads to truth? That was really good

  8. Bill – I can appreciate your comments on this comments. I can argue both sides of what is/is not embraced in the Church. In the appendix section of the Doctrine and Covenant Institute manual “Avoiding Deception” covering your talking points, not just to present paradoxes, but how to discern truth from error. Also, in Conference they have addressed more balancing the personal line with the priesthood line. In short, I don’t think the church is as ignorant as you project it to be.
    I believe truth is truth when everyone from all sides can agree. As I have embraced multiple views I find that the world is more simple, and confusion evaporates. It’s people, and their own wisdom, that cause the confusion.

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