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Special Episode: The Dissection of Elder Quentin L Cook’s Face To Face On Church History

Radio Free Mormon and Bill Reel get together for a special Episode discussion on Elder Quentin L. Cook’s Face To Face On Church History.   While Elder Cook and Church Historians Matt Grow and Kate Holbrook attempt to tell the audience that Church history is faith building and that it can withstand scrutiny, a simple look at what they say and more importantly what they don’t say seems to deeply indicate otherwise.  There is even cameo Appearances by Elder Ballard, Church historian Steven Harper, and even a sound blip from the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Sit back and buckle up as we learn that when it comes to Church leaders and the Church’s historians that “Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin'”.


5 thoughts on “Special Episode: The Dissection of Elder Quentin L Cook’s Face To Face On Church History”

  1. What are the five questions? – I have an idea of what they are, but if you have a podcast where they are already discussed then please point me in that direction.

    I’d love to hear what follow up questions would be asked as well…Joe Rogan style.

    Great episode to the both of you – keep it up!

  2. Bill, During the conversation about the Kirkland temple, I was hoping that you or RFM would mention that Elijah and Elias are the same person, not two different prophets. Elias is the Greek name for the Hebrew Elijah. Refer to Mormonism: Shadow or Reality? Chapter 29 Temple Work, Section “Elijah the Prophet”, p.454.

  3. I watched this face to face with my teenagers and decided to take the challenge and read the book Saints and the Essays. For them to say “studying the History of the church your faith will grow” is ridiculous.

    By studying this my entire life has changed it two short months.

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