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Bill Reel – Disciplinary Court Is Imminent

It has finally happened.  I received a disciplinary notice from my stake president.  Would those who feel any attachment to this podcast or to me, would you please send positive thoughts into the universe for my family and friends.  I always knew that full honesty and transparency and shining a light on unhealthiness and deception would eventually end with me being severed from my tribe.  But many around me expected better from the Church and are feeling hurt by this latest detail to transpire.  If you have a desire to contact me please email me at ReelMormon AT gmail DOT com.


2 thoughts on “Bill Reel – Disciplinary Court Is Imminent”

  1. Prayers are sent. I assume you understand they have no authority to uncouple sacred covenants you have made with the Lord, but can only excommunicate you from them as an institution (and not the Lord or His church as described in DC 10:67). They can also only inactivate your priesthood use in the institution but not take it from you or prevent you from using it in your home. May He strengthen you.

  2. Been thinking…

    Want to say something profound tonight. Then say nothing. Nothing at all… put some band aid on your mouth and let that speak for you!!!

    Let tonight be the night you have the last word by not giving it to them.

    I see what you and people like you as modern Tynsdales – I’m from England and I believe one day you names will be like there’s. Those that spoke out for truth, while the church burned the heretics …

    But don’t let this night be there night. Let it be yours.

    God bless you for your honesty.

    Gutenberg Press = Interenet

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