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Mormon Discussion: 319: Spencer Wright – The Rationality of Mormonism

Today we have author and former Mormon Spencer Wright back on the program to dive into the weeds.  Last time we talked with Spencer about his book “How to think” and we explored what it means to be a rational thinker.  ( 309: Spencer Wright – Rational Thought and Bat Shit Crazy ) Today we dive into 5 or so issues directly within Mormonism and explore the the orthodox view of those issues and then share why that piece of the dominant narrative does not hold up and follow it up with the apologetic response and then Spencer helps us see why any view other than the critical framing is irrational.


Free E-copy of the Book

“How To Think” Book on Amazon

Kerry Muhlstein admitting starting with the conclusion –

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1 thought on “Mormon Discussion: 319: Spencer Wright – The Rationality of Mormonism”

  1. This interviewee seems to not want to practice his own thought processes (episode 309, he has a rather naive understanding of how propaganda works – referring to the moon landing) and doesn’t seem to have looked at the evidence proving that there was no moon landing in 1969!! Can’t take this clown seriously!!

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