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320: Troy and Shari Marsh – The Truth That Can’t Be Said

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Today we sit down with Troy Marsh and his wife Shari.  Troy is a listener of Mormon Discussion and an active Latter Day Saint who finds trying to reconcile the messiness of Mormonism as a wasted cause.  By no means is he a Orthodox Mormon.  In fact he would openly acknowledge that Mormonism is only one path among a million paths for a viable spirituality.  In other words that Mormonism is not seen by him as the only true Church but rather as a tool among many tools a human being could utilize to form their spiritual walk.  Shari on the other hand has never been Mormon and share what that walk looks like outside of Mormonism.  In this episode we discuss the spirituality of the African Kalahari Bushman, discuss the pros and cons of using Mormonism as a tool rather than the as the Lord’s one true path, and we discuss that truth which can not be named.


Bushman Way of Tracking God PDF 

Bushman Way of Tracking God Book

Keeney’s American Shamanism

Video of Bushman Spirituality

Joseph Hart Spiritual Autobiography



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