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Mormonism LIVE: 034: Ask Us Almost Anything & More

This weeks episode will feature RFM and Bill Reel unveiling a new show under the Mormonism Discussion Inc. umbrella and some reflection on last weeks episode regarding Nelson’s flight and we touch on the passing of Robert Ritner and spend the last half of the Show doing an AMA. RESOURCES:


1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE: 034: Ask Us Almost Anything & More”

  1. Hi I’ll and RFM

    @RFM, I thought you’d like to know that Jews do not think it is normal that Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins.

    Hunan sacrifice is abhorrent to Jews. It’s a pagan practice and has nothing to do with their religion. Additionally, There is no precedent in the Jewish holy books relating sacrifice to forgiveness of sin.

    The sacrifices at the temple were done in praise of God…and in thanks I think but not sure about that one.

    The command to Abraham to sacrifice Isaac was about obedience.

    Also, Jewish scholars refute that there is any evidence about Jesus in the OT,

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