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Gone In 60 Minutes: Mormonism Live: 128

This past week 60 Minutes the CBS TV Journalism Show covered the event of the Church having its finances exposed by whistleblower David Nielson. We take a look at what was said…. and what wasn’t in this weeks episode of Mormonism LIVE! “David Nielsen is a former investment manager for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who became a whistleblower regarding the church’s finances and tax-exempt status. Nielsen accused the church of hoarding billions of dollars it has not paid taxes on and asked the IRS to strip the church of its tax-exempt status. Nielsen argued that the church owes billions in taxes, and he wants a cut of that as part of a reward offered by the IRS for reporting tax-related offenses.”

(2038) Mormon whistleblower: Church’s investment firm masquerades as charity | 60 Minutes – YouTube
60 Minutes – Bishop defends the Church’s investment fund | Facebook (60 Minutes Overtime)
The Perpetual Education Fund (
The Perpetual Education Fund ( (Gordon Hinckley’s talk)
Structure of the Corporation of The President / Bishopric (Actual LDS “Church”) | Exploring Mormonism (LDS HOLDINGS)
A look at the LDS Church’s legal legacy as a corporation  (The Merging of the two corporations)


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