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How The Mormon Church Protects Child Abusers [Mormonism Live 169]

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How The Mormon Church Protects Child Abusers [Mormonism Live 169] Join RFM and Bill Reel on this compelling episode of Mormonism LIVE as they delve into a critical and sensitive topic – “How The Mormon Church Protects Child Abusers.” Our special guest, non-Mormon lawyer Tim Kosnoff, shares his firsthand experiences dealing with Kirton & McConkie and other legal representation of the LDS Church, shedding light on their practices that may seem counterintuitive when it comes to protecting victims.

🔍 In this episode: ▶️ Tim Kosnoff’s Eye-Opening Insights: Tim, a seasoned lawyer, provides a unique perspective on the actions of Kirton & McConkie, revealing instances where their decisions seem to prioritize protecting the Church and abusers over the well-being of victims.

▶️ Unpacking Legal Strategies: Dive deep into the legal intricacies as Tim breaks down specific cases and instances where the actions of Kirton & McConkie may raise eyebrows, suggesting a pattern of behavior that goes against the interests of survivors.

▶️ Protecting the Institution or the Victims? Explore the dissonance between the purported goal of protecting victims and the observed practices that might be shielding abusers. Tim shares anecdotes and experiences that paint a vivid picture of the challenges survivors face within the Mormon Church’s legal framework.

👥 Our Guest – Tim Kosnoff: Tim Kosnoff co-represents 17,000 clients in the Boy Scouts of America Chapter 11 bankruptcy. He has practiced law for forty years as a prosecutor, defense attorney and as a lawyer representing victims of child sexual abuse. He has extensive experience handling complex civil child sexual abuse litigation throughout the United States and Canada. He has handled thousands of complex child sexual abuse cases against religious and secular organizations including the Boy Scouts of America, the Mormon Church, the Catholic Church and a wide spectrum of other organizations. Tim has recovered more than $500 million dollars in settlements and jury verdicts.

📢 Join the Conversation: We encourage respectful and thoughtful discussions in the live chat as we navigate this complex and crucial topic. Share your thoughts, questions, and perspectives, and let’s engage in a meaningful conversation about accountability, justice, and the role of institutions in protecting vulnerable individuals.

🚨 Disclaimer: This episode aims to foster awareness and open dialogue on a serious subject. Viewer discretion is advised as we discuss sensitive content related to child abuse within the context of the Mormon Church.

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Join us for a thought-provoking and informative episode that seeks to shine a light on the complexities surrounding child abuse within the Mormon Church. Let’s stand together in advocating for justice and compassion for survivors.

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