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Hebrew Evidence for The Book of Mormon | A Marvelous Work & A Blunder | Part 2 [Mormonism Live 171]

In this episode of “Mormonism Live,” hosts Radio Free Mormon and Bill Reel dissect the claims made in the YouTube video titled “Hebrew Evidence for The Book of Mormon | A Marvelous Work | Episode 2” by Scott Christopher and “Book of Mormon Central.” The original video purports to uncover Hebrew evidences for the Book of Mormon, presenting them as compelling proof of its divine origin.

04:00 Rabbi Joe Charnes’
take on Jacob 5
19:30 Don Perry – Hebraisms
52:30 Olive Horticulture
1:25:00 Moroni’s Promise
1:39:00 Callers
Welcome to “Mormonism Live,” the ultimate talk show that delves into the messiness of Mormon history and theology while also tackling current events with a live call-in section at the end of every episode. Hosted by two trusted voices in the Mormon community, Radio Free Mormon (RFM) and Bill Reel, this podcast has been taking on the tough issues and exploring the nuances of the LDS faith for years.

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Jacob 5: Why vineyards and olives?


2 thoughts on “Hebrew Evidence for The Book of Mormon | A Marvelous Work & A Blunder | Part 2 [Mormonism Live 171]”

  1. Your guy’s logic is way off base. The question with regards to the name Alma is not whether or not there were 10,000 guys living in Joseph Smith’s neighborhood named Alma, but rather was Alma a name used by ancient Hebrews. There are only so many vowel and consonant sounds and they are common to all languages. It is obvious that if one can find the vocal sounds used in one language, then it will appear in another language also. Since chinese is a tonal language, the same sound has four different meanings. Take the sound ma for example. The “a” sound in ma can be stressed in for different ways as follows mā, má, mǎ, mà. So, in Chinese you have mother, spicy, horse, scold. The sound of the word “al” is also common to many languages. The word Alma has two basic sounds common to virtually any language, “al” and “ma”. One would expect that you could find the combination of those two sounds in more than one language.
    Now let’s suppose we found the word Alma in ancient Hebrew, and it meant insect. Now, in that case you would have an argument that Joseph might have made up the Book of Mormon because in what era through human history would someone name their kid insect? However, in Hebrew we do know the meaning of the word alma, and that its most common meaning is virgin (some scholars claim it also means young man). So, we can ask who in their right mind would name their son Virgin?
    The argument could be made that alma is not a word hebrews would name their child. But if in english ward means a common area of a hospital, so who would name their kid Ward? Oh, I know, crazy grandpa Cleaver!

    With regard to Alma, the Hebrew scholar Yadin discovered the name appeared in two second-century A.D. Hebrew documents of the Bar Kokhba period.
    To the degree Daniel Petersen argued there were no people living near Joseph Smith with the name Alma, the fact that he made an error, is not dispositive of much of anything. It’s a total distraction first arising out of Book of Mormon critics claiming Joseph Smith’s using the name Alma was an obvious error because it wasn’t a Hebrew name.

    So, since you think you put a stake in the heart of the Alma issue by finding guys that lived by Joseph Smith named Alma and by doing so you proved the Book of Mormon was not true, I want you to put a stake in the heart of each of these names that show up in the Book of Mormon that come from JoAnn Hackett’s research on Book of Mormon names. Abish, Aha, Chemish, Hagoth, Himni, Isabel, Jarom, Josh, Luram, Mathoni, Mathonihah, Muloki, Sam, Sariah.

    I know you guys know who JoAnn Hackett is and about these names. So, all you need to do is go to family search, put in the name, and tell me how many thousand Abish’s and Aha’s…Sariah’s lived in Joseph Smith neighborhood. Under your inane logic, if there is even one of these names that someone in Joseph Smith’s neighborhood wasn’t named, then the Book of Mormon must be true.

    1. Alma is a male name so what. Joseph named a character Alma and that name is male all through time. sweet. Its a nothing. we never intended for this to disprove the BOM rather it simply isn’t an evidence

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